Websquares Software Pvt. Ltd. is an India-based Website Development, Hosting and Software Development Company. We provides Custom Software development, Web design, Web Application development and various other computing or Internet services on computer running platforms such as Microsoft Windows and Linux for small business to large corporation. As Custom Software Development is a broad area of business, so we could not possibly list all the areas in which we can provide services to you. For this reason we choose to explain, some of the major areas in which Websquares Software Private Ltd. can provide services to you, on our websites.



Our  Bulk SMS Service features

Instant Delivery


Priority SMS is used for instant notification like best example is share trading alerts. We Use priority route to send Priority SMS. Priority SMS is delivered with in a few minutes.

NDNC Filter


NDNC filter is enabled for SMS accounts. To remove NDNC filter we need application from client. No SMS credits will be deducted if user sends SMS to  NDNC numbers when it is enabled.

Long SMS Support


You can send sms more then 160 characters Normal SMS contains up to 160 character, but over 160 character it is treated as Long SMS and 1 credit deducts for each set of 153 characters.

Send SMS in Bulk


Our High End XEON servers are capable to send thousands of SMS at a time. Sending SMS in Bulk will not effect its speed. You are free to send as much as SMS you want at a time.

CSV File Upload and Groups


We have extremely user friendly SMS control panel including CSV file upload feature and Group feature. These CSV and Group features are extremely helpful for bulk SMS service

API Available for FREE


For every SMS account user will get free XML and HTP API. Using these API any one can integrate SMS service in his / her website or custom software. Free sample code in ASP and PHP is also available

Free Sender ID


We don't charge for sender id. Users can use sender ids as much as they wish. Only need admin's approval before this sender id appears in users SMS control Panel.



Message Scheduler


User can schedule messages from control panel. Message scheduler is very useful for SMS campaign as user can predefine SMS sending time and no need to be online at the time of Bulk SMS campaign.

Excel Plug-in for 2003 & 2007


Any one can send Bulk SMS directly from Microsoft Excel using our Excel plug-in tool. We have currently two Excel Plug-in for Bulk SMS - for Excel 2003 and Excel 2007.

Important Instructions for all users

The messages posted to DND/NDNC number will not get delivered. Please refer to http://www.nccptrai.gov.in

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